always: {lwāz} adv.

Every minute of every day.

Forever; unchanging. At all

times; invariably.


because: {bĭ-kz} conj.

Just because; for a reason; the

reason being. Because I love

you, or Because youre worth it.


create : {krēāt} tr. v.

To produce through artistic or

Imaginative effort. Create and

Inspire. To make your own.


delight : {dĕlīt} n.

A high degree of enjoyment.

Expressions of joy; extreme

satisfaction. You are a delight.


eve-ry-thing : {ẽrēthĩng}

pron. All things that are mean-

ingful to you. All that you

know; the whole world.


favorite : {favэrĭt} n.

Something regarded with

special favor or liking. Best

loved; preferred above all others.


gratitude : {grăĩtōōd} n.

Cause of happiness or joy.

expressing appreciation for

Something or someone


happy : {hp} adj.

Cheerful; tickled pink; content.

Simple pleasure; together. A

Feeling of giddiness or joy.


inspire : {ĭnspīr} v.

To cause or create new ideas.

Fresh thought; to influence. To

motivate one to action.








journey : {jrnē} n.

An experience or process that

leaves you changed; trail of

experience. From here to there.


kindness : {kīndnĭs} n.

Goodness for the sake of being

good. Warm-hearted and con-

siderate. Acts of kindness.


lucky: {lŭkē} adj.

Fortune smiles upon you.

Favored with optimal circum-

stances. Lucky you; just lucky.


memories : {mĕэrēz} n.

Recollection of the past; retain-

ing and recalling experiences.

Thoughts of good times past.


nearly : {nîrlē} adv.

In a close manner; intimately.

Almost but not quite; nearly

everything. So very close.


original : {эrĭjэnэl} adj.

Fresh and inventive. One of a

kind; unique; first in its class.

Work of heart. Be original.


perfect : {prfîkt} adj.

Lacking nothing essential to the

whole; giving your best. Flaw-

less; admirable. Just right.


quality : {kwŏlĭtē} n.

Well-made or durable. Top of

the line; excellent; high class.

To provide the best.


remember : {rĭ-mĕmbэr} v.

To keep in mind as worth of

consideration or recognition.

Memories of days gone by.



simple : {sĭmplэ} adj.

Joy in little things; without

pretense or show. In a plain or

unadorned way; in a snap.


together : {tэ-gĕthэr} adv.

You and me; lonely no more.

With another; inseparable. In

harmony; in sync.


unique : {yōō-nēk} adj.

Being the only one of its kind.

Unusual; extraordinary. Unlike

any other; having no equal.


very : {vĕrē} adv.

To a high degree; extremely;

Truly. To emphasize a good

Quality. You are very special.


xoxo : {ĕks-ō-ĕks-ō} n.

Hugs and kisses; love and

affection. Closing or salutation

of a love note; with love.


wish : {wĭsh} n.

Hearts desire; to dream of;

reach for; aspire to. To want.

Wish upon a star.


you : {yōō} pron.

The one and only; the one I

value as my friend and love each

day. The person in my thoughts.


zeal: {zēl} n.

Enthusiastic devotion to a

cause, ideal, or goal. Passion;

energy; zest for life.